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  • Services include probate valuations, post-grant administration, research and medallion stamps.


Seapoint Probate Services offers a tailored probate valuation service specifically designed to work seamlessly alongside the completion of inheritance tax forms.
Where possible we independently check the holdings with the relevant registrar, then prepare valuations using the Revenue-approved formula and add detailed notes where appropriate, drawing attention to possible complications in the administration of the shares.
We can also prepare valuations at other important tax dates, e.g. capital acquisitions tax (CAT) dates, or other dates as required.

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Once the primary Grant of Representation issues, then the active administration of the assets can begin.
The noting of the death can now commence with the Grant of Representation which must be sent to the relevant registrar to formally note the death - as distinguished from sending the registrar the death certificate (all this does is tell the registrar is that the shareholder is deceased, it does not formally note the death)
Only at this point can replacement share certificates be sought and the reissue of any uncollected dividends.
We can also arrange transfer of the assets to the beneficiaries or facilitate the sale of the shares via a stockbroker.
At this time any foreign Grants of Representation can be extracted - we regularly assist in extracting Grants of Representation in England, Jersey, the Isle of Man and Australia
We can also assist in the filing of US Federal Estate, working closely with our specialist tax advisors to sort out the filing and payment of US Federal Estate Tax with IRS.


We can arrange to investigate old shareholdings to see if there is any residual value, reconstruct historic portfolios and track down any escheated assets in the US.
We can provide prices for 1974 for UK and Irish holdings as this is still the base date for the calculation of Capital Gains Tax (CGT) in Ireland. We will follow up the associated corporate
actions to bring the holdings up to date.


Medallion Stamps are required by US and Canadian transfer agents (registrars) for the transfer of shares, guaranteeing that the signature on the transfer document is genuine and the person who has passage of the transfer/deposit.
In the case of estates this might be the transfer of the shares to beneficiaries or arranging for the Legal Personal Representatives to sell the shares.
The Medallion Stamp provider I have access to is up US$500,000 per transfer.

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