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Together with my colleagues, we offer a completeprobate service in the area of valuation, logistics, title research, legal and personal affairs.

SARA KENNY - Valuations and Appraisals -

Sara has worked in the industry for over 30 years as an independent valuer providing professional advice in relation to valuations of antiques, fine and contemporary art, furniture, silver, porcelain, household effects and house contents. Through her extensive network, she can also provide advice relating to the sale/disposal of entire contents or individual items.

PATRICK OMAN - Probate Logistics -

Patrick’s invaluable experience and network of valuers, shipping and estate agents offers a bespoke service to private individuals, families, lawyers, executors and trusts for the effective and confidential management of property and moveable assets, fine art and antiques. He offers a personal and professional service that aids property disposal to a quicker process.

BRIAN DONOVAN & FIONA FITZSIMONS –Probate & Title Research -

Fiona and Brian founded Eneclann 25 years ago and now the company is the leading provider of Irish history and heritage services. Offering historical, genealogical and probate research as well as sourcing and preparing official documentation, naturalisation services, and providing expert testimony at kinship hearings.

AVILA MOLLOY & MAURA ROONEY –Wellbeing and Residential -

Whether it’s downsizing, ageing in place, finding the most suitable nursing home or organising your affairs, Avila & Maura take your future plans and make them happen. With their support, a very challenging time can be turned into a very positive experience. For further information on what can done to support you and your family have a look at