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A collection of case studies that helped clients in their Probate legal requiremnets.

Case Study 1

A bundle of share were found on clearing a house by the executors

The solicitor sends us copies of the certificates and a bundle of uncashed dividends and a few solicitor
certified copies of the death certificate.

so in this case we were given the following:

Bank of Ireland certificates from 1996, 2002 and 2017
Waterford Wedgewood certificates
Greencore certificates
Avonmore Waterford certificates
Diageo dividend vouchers
FBD Holdings certs
Farmer Business Development certs
Vodafone certs
GlaxoSmithKline certs

On a quick glance we know that

• Waterford Wedgewood went into liquidation and has no value.
•The Bank of Ireland valid certs are those certs that were issued on or after 18th July 2017 as the
company has done a number of corporate actions over the years
 -July 2001.– they discontinued factional shares and only whole shares are traded.
New certificates were issued
 -July 2017 – the company did a share consolidation of 30 or part thereof old shares for 1 new share
 – new certificates were issued.

• Greencore
 -The company did a share split of 2 new shares for every 1 old share in March 1996 but the
old certificates remained valid but double the quantity.

•Avonmore Waterford
 -This company was renamed Glanbia in March 1999.

• Diageo
 -This company arose from the merger of Guinness with Grant Metropolitan – there have been
no corporate actions.

•FBD Holdings
 - No substantial changes to the company’s shares.

•Farmer Business Developments
 - These are the unlisted shares and can be ordinary or 11% Cum Pref or 7% Cum Pref.

• Vodafone
 - Vodafone arose from the acquisition of Eircom and the company has done a number of
corporate actions over the years as set out below
 - 7 new shares for 8 old shares – new certs issued in July 2006
 - 6 new shares for 11 old shares – new certs issued if requested otherwise the shares were
converted to electronic shareholdings managed by the registrar – February 2014
 - spin out of Verizon on the following basis
 - if there was no activity on the shareholdings – such as cashing dividend cheques then the shares
were deemed abandoned and escheated to the State of Delaware – February 2020 (or three years
after the last activity, such as cashing a dividend).

• GlaxoSmithKline
 - This company arose out of the merger between Glaxo Holdings and SmithKline Beecham
 - July 2022 – the company spun out Haleon on a 1 for 1 basis
 - July 2022 the company then did a share consolidation of x for y and certificates were issued.

We will then provide a valuation at the date of death - see attached PDF.


We reviewed the shares that were located, gave an explanation for any changes of name or corporate
actions in an accompanying letter and prepared a valuation of the shares having checked the holdings
independently with the relevant registrar and applied the revenue prescribed formula for the calculation
of the value of the shares.

Case Study 2

The solicitor/executor came to me asking for assistance with the following shares, having tried to deal with the UK registrars themselves.

The Irish Grant of Representation has been issued.

They have the following shares

We start with the Diageo – this is an Irish asset and can be dealt with using the Irish Grant of Representation as the registrar runs Irish branch register for shareholders with an address in Ireland. However the registrar in question frequently gives incorrect information on the use of an Irish Grant and they are very particularly about what type of copy they will accept. We write the registar to formally note the death and at this point any uncashed dividends can be collected and reissue and any missing share certificates replaced.

The Experian this is a Jersey asset and if the shares at the date of death have a value over Stg£10,000 then– a Jersey Grant of Probate will be required. As you have to appear in court to make an application for a Jersey Grant of Probate, it is usual to appoint a Jersey Lawyer to act on behalf of the estate. I have worked with a firm of Jersey Lawyers for the last 15 years and have a set fee agreement based on the premise that I do the post Grant administration of the shares in Jersey which we activate – by sending the Jersey Lawyers the following:

1. Copy of the value of the Jersey Assets at date of death
2. Copy of the Death certificate
3. Copy of the Irish Grant and Will
4. Copy of the SA2

The Jersey Lawyer then provides their requirements, which need to be completed and fulfilled and
returned to them. The Jersey lawyer has probate court appointment every 3 weeks and the Grant issues
about a week after the court appointment, which is then forwarded on to me to then start the formal
noting of death on the Jersey shares.

The Sainsbury & Burberry are English Assets and are currently administered by Equiniti registrars in the
UK and as long as the shares and uncashed dividends have a value of less than Stg£20,000 and the entire
UK estate is less than the current inheritance tax threshold in the UK, the the small estates process is
available. However if they do not meet this criteria then we can arrange for an English Grant application
to be made on behalf of the estate if necessary.

The shares are now ready to be sold or transferred


We have assessed what Grants of Representation are required to administer the shares in question, arranged to extract a Jersey Grant of Probate for those assets and then arranged to formally note the death on the shares with the relevant registrar, collect any uncashed dividends, replaced any missing certificates so that the shares are now in a position to be sold or transferred by the executors.